Into The Unknown

Avoiding uncertainty is the one thing policy makers worldwide agree on. They’ll fight it tooth and nail to keep things as they are, at all costs.   To them, uncertainty […]

Choosing Brexit Is Choosing To Be Free

Pundits and “professionals” know a lot of things, but a lot of the time, they don’t know the true will of the people.   Examples are all over the place. […]

Here Comes The Hike? Maybe.

  It wasn’t that long ago that the odds of the Fed raising rates this month were very low. In fact, the federal funds futures market put the odds at […]

Businesses and the Fed

Do you ever wonder how much the board of directors of any major business frim spend thinking about the Fed and if/when they’ll hike rates? Probably slim to none.   […]

Beware The Bears

For more than seven years now (since March 2009), the bears of the stock market have utilized any and all negative economic data to prop up their positions on the […]