Financial Questions

Below are a few financial questions which we are frequently asked here at Pyle Financial Services. If your question is not answered below, please contact us here ยป


What makes Pyle Financial Services different?

We’re so glad you asked! Click right here for a clear articulation and answer.

How is Pyle Financial Services compensated?

We are compensated in a number of ways. Click here for a helpful picture of the differences between the PFS model and maybe what you would be familiar with.

Is my money safe from fraud?

All of our client’s money is held with a third party custodian. That custodian is First Clearing. First Clearing holds client assets for firms such as Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo, among others. First Clearing insures the assets held, against fraud. The checks and balances Pyle Financial Services has in place is to make sure that third party, “arm’s length interactions” are always visible, clear, comfortable, and most importantly in our clients best interest. It’s an honor to know that we have never had a client fall victim to fraud here at PFS.

Who is First Clearing? Who is Prospera?

First Clearing is one of the largest third party custodians, or holding companies in the financial services industry, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. They hold assets for several major firms. Please check the “Is my money safe from fraud” question for more information or you can visit Our Partners.
Prospera is an independent broker dealer headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Prospera oversees our investment recommendations as a third party. They also support us as we conduct business for our clients. The reason PFS chose to work with Prospera is quite clear: their track record. Prospera has been named Broker Dealer of the year 4 times: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014. Our clients and our staff feel this type of excellence in our relationship with Prospera.

Who supervises Pyle Financial Services activities?

First and foremost, the licensed individuals on our team are subject to compliance, reporting and regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Institutions Regulatory Association (FINRA). Our team members are also responsible to stay in continued dialogue with the compliance division of Prospera over investment recommendations. The reason we value transparency and accountability is very simple: when you act as a fiduciary (click here for definition) it is very easy to put checks in balances in place that affirm this great responsibility.

Does Pyle Financial Services work with anyone?

No. We want every family we work with to truly feel how much we value their relationship. Because this is built into our DNA we realize that we have to set a criteria for who we can work with.

What is Pyle Financial Services ideal client?

We work with successful Athletes, Business Owners, Medical Professionals, Professionals, and Retirees. We do have account minimums but much prefer the criteria to be based off of chemistry.

What kind of relationship does Pyle Financial Services have with their clients?

The saying in our firm is one we wear proudly: “We love that we love, our clients.”

What is Pyle Financial Services investment philosophy?

We are long term investment advisors. We have a disciplined, time-tested, proven investment philosophy that we use with our clients. We follow 3 major rules throughout this philosophy. We know that everything is cyclical so we believe that understanding every detail about who our clients are help us greatly in preparing, moving in and moving out of investments cycles for each of our clients.